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My name is Caleb Godwin Haruna Tabena, an indigene of Taraba, born and bred in Jos. My age? I won’t disclose that. Known as Cheezy mostly but I’m called Tall_Cheezy these days. I’m just another youngster aspiring to make the biggest mark in history. So I found one thing I’m really good at (music) and I nurtured the art.
Earlier this year, I dropped a song titled “Emi Bawo” followed by a mega collaborated remix of that very song featuring 10 of Jos city’s most greatest arts.

About “MY EP”
I tried coming up with a more suitable abbreviation for “MY EP” but what came to my mind was “Made(4)You EsPecially”. Even though the EP is mine, its Mainly Yours, it is Made for you, I’m here because of you.
I actually wanted to drop an EP since last year but I felt like I wasn’t ready. But after proving to the city that I’m mad, the city’s now ready. So I went to the studio in 3days, recorded 8 songs of which only 3 were up already written meaning I had to write 5 more songs. 2 were prerecorded so I had rerecord them and I was given one song(fully written and composed) as a gift, all this happened in 3days.
The project is not a mixtape so I had to really flex my talent on it, tried different things and I hope you love it how I do.

1. The Journey(Prod by YFDP(Jaybeatz) : The song is fully a rap song, no hook, just steady flows. It gives a background history of the musical quest so far and talks about a few real life events that occurred.
2. Pause(Prod by YFDP(Jaybeatz) : This song contains certain pivotal truths and issues that keep me awake at night. Also a tribute song to my Homie who lost his life.
3. Man Of The Year(prod by YFDP(Jaybeatz) : A song for my boys, I am the best so I have to defend my “bragging rights”. The song connotes “Cheezy” as the man of the year.
4. For A Bit(prod by YFDP(Jaybeatz) : This song talks about Cheezy going on two dates with two different girls in one day. Funny story.
5. Do It For A Nigga(prod by Deece) : a Trap instrumental made by the “Trap King” himself who’s got “Trap Vibes” in his system. It talks about Cheezy as a pimp, telling the ladies to do what they do best, which is “doing it for a n**ga like him.
6. Never Let Go(prod by YFDP(Jaybeatz) : Prolly the best song on the project. This is for my girls. A perfect blend of singing and rap. It expresses emotions, a promise of holding on and it reveals my future dreams and aspirations as a lover.
7. Body Love(written, composed & prod by YFDP(Jaybeatz) : Originally recorded for the #YangYin project, my bro hooked me up with this and I’m just blessed. A reggae tune and we flexed on it. A song about confessions of guilty pleasures.
8. Somebody(prod by Jaybeatz) : Words of a broken heart. This songs talks about heart break and moving on. A Trap Soul.

All tracks were written and composed by my humble self except for Body Love which was written and composed by YFDP(Jesse). All additional vocals and everything else is me. A real definition of SOLO.

I’m sorry I have no features on this project. Initially, it was supposed to be 7 songs with at least 4 features. But since Emi Bawo remix dropped, things changed. I couldn’t express myself how I want to if there were features. The project was a test and I believe that I’ve passed. Well, I’ll let you be the judge.
I promise a 5-track project next year entitled #AfterTheEp. Its gonna contain features with different people and combination of versatile sounds.
MY EP was set to release on the 31st, but the official release date is January 2nd, 2017. Sorry to keep you waiting, thanks for being loyal and patient, I love you. I’m giving links to both old songs and unreleased tracks from this year so you can keep yourself busy as we wait for #MyEP.
Jeff Wayne
FaceFix Designs
Rizen Beyond
Kings Koncept
Rejoice Shams & BlaqBoi(Ice fm 96.1)
Zacks Mr Producer
All my fellow Jos artists
Everyone who promotes Jos music
Most importantly, God.
FB Page: Tall Cheezy
TW|IG: @Tall_Cheezy

God bless!!!

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