National Open University Student portal has finally launched……
after the long wait, finally here comes the National open University New student portal, but you have to register , the steps for registration are below…!
Visit to register.

Please kindly enter your detail’s e.g
1. programme, (note: Entrepreneurship and Business Management student) choose BSC. ENTREPRENEURSHIP
2. name,
3. matric number
4. password

Complete the above information from registration portal, before you can view your main portal.
you can also visit the school website here!

Have a pleasant week


  1. Everytime i sigh in, what I see is Incorrect Username or password2! And when I try to re-register I see…This Matric Number has been registered earlier. What should I do? Please help.

  2. each time I sign in its always written incorrect username and password and when ever I try to re-register it what is written is the matric number have registered please help

    • Pls go to load wallet, then fill the form and submit as if u want to pay Tru remita with the actual money u have paid in the bank. It will generate another rrr , but don’t mind just cancel the page out, then go back to ur own portal page . the money shd reflect by then.

    • if its reflecting click on registration, then select semester registration, after you click on course registration, follow by exam registration, but if the money is not reflecting go straight to the ICT next week because the site is under maintenance now.

  3. I have been finding it difficult to login to my portar. even though it was said matric no already registered. I am right now confused because I don’t know my password at the moment. (Nou130468725 Entrepreneurship)

  4. Please I really want to know, if I have to register for my courses I registered past semester, though I didn’t write the exam, do I still need to register as a fresh course again? And secondly, have any link been created to drop courses?

  5. I made payment also, but the money is not reflecting. Kallamu advised to go to the I.C.T. I went to my study center at Kaduna and explained to them, but still nothing. I was given a number to call from the center. I called, but nobody pick up the call. Still nothing. I dont know what to do right now. I begin to think of making another payment because time is going. I am afraid of having another problem like this after I made another payment. Pls, Kallamu say something now!!!

  6. Pls I want to enroll in noun university and have been trying to register online but is not working out I want to the website but it keeps on saying maintenance in progress pls help me I need to enter this year pls I don’t know what to do is there any other way pls help me thanks.

  7. Please i have be unable to generate the remita code, all efforts have be unfriutful; please what do i do?.

  8. Please i have be unable to generate the remita code, all efforts have be unfruitful; please what do i do?.

  9. how can l cal for remark of my exam scripts the result of 2nd semester 2016 pen&paper what l saw is not my real result please help
    the courses l wrote and am sure of ,am been refer what can l do

    • write in this fomat:
      The Dean faculty of Art & social science
      Tthe Director

      The Centre Director
      Jos Study Centre

      Letter of complain

  10. For fresher’s having issues to log in or get a remitta code; can the registration be done at any of the study centres? Or one will have to wait till site is balanced? It’s taking too long I must say and for how long are we to wait?