Earlier yesterday 7th of July 2017 the veteran Rapper Kings Crown Award JTOWN’s LYRICIST ON A ROLL (KCA2016) winner LYPSI Was sited at the studio with his writing materials, not long ago he send a message on his social media platforms and I quote

On Facebook:
“EP? Uh uh /Album? I guess so, so which one? Make Una help me, been a min…. Something great is coming!! It’s worth the wait I promise”

And on Twitter:
“ALBUM… 48% done”
Although some details are still sketchy, Lypsi was pictured in the studio producing what is presumed to be his body of work, with this, I guess it’s safe to say we are going to have an ALBUM from Lypsi this year! (Connecting the dots lol…). I for one cannot wait for this and I’m sure as heaven excited as you are too…

The question here is,
When will this Album drop? What’s the Album title? How many tracks on the Album?, Just stay tuned as time will eventually tell. Let’s not forget to keep praying and supporting this amazing act.
We will need your suggestions with a comment below or on all social media platforms with a hash tag #Lypsi

2017 is sure going to be a great year for Lypsi, for you and I, and for everybody!!! STAY TUNED for more GIST subsequently.