“Against stupidity the gods themselves struggle in vain”
– Friedrich Von Schiller, (1759 – 1805) German Poet
On the 26th of March, 2015, THISDAY Newspaper, published an interview of the President Buhari with Mallama Hafsa where the President attested to the fact that Nigerian youths constitute more than 60 percent of the Nigerian population. In this interview, while seeking our votes, the President believed that whether we are educated or not, it is the duty of the government to plan the future of this productive population by creating adequate jobs and creating a functional educational system.
Today, the wisdom of the challenge is there for everyone to see. This is a man who promised us all 3 million jobs annually; promised Nigerian youths free education because is possible to provide since he and his colleagues are beneficiaries of such privileges.
The best the President can offer us today is to demarket us in the eyes of the world an action tantamount of turning Nigeria into a Pariah State. The world right now is laughing at us. This is the best the President can offer us.
Don’t be discouraged Nigerian youths, I know we are not lazy, nor uneducated either formally or informally and finally we are not beggars that wait for oil money to survive. At my age, Mr Buhari had not a quarter of my qualifications and achievements so I don’t see any reason why he must insult us as uneducated.
One is left to wonder that the people projected to be lazy are the true ambassadors of this great country. It is sad to know that Small Doctor, Davido and Tiwa Savage project us more positively than our own President. In all sincerity and truth, this is a man that has never for once since he came into power, call his own youths to ask them what their probleday are and decide to see how we can be included in the decision making of our own future.
This man and his government has not a single plan for our teeming growing and vulnerable population. Here is a President that is afraid to condemn the Fulani herdsmen terrorizing Nigerians in the Middle belt of Nigeria but has the temerity to condemne his own children. Isorite!
The other day it was a Professor and now it is our overall leader. Look don’t project the whole of us the way you project your children. If your children are lazy and only wait for the oil money, we are not and I will advice you go back and make amends with your children.
Sir Nigerian youths are not lazy, uneducated and we don’t wait for oil money to survive. We are hustlers everywhere you find us; we pay our bills, we feed ourselves and even help in our community. We are hopeful that Nigeria will be great, we have expectations of a good future with high expectations.
A generation that cuts off its youths from its future is doomed to fail.
We will meet in 2019 to decide who is lazy and uneducated and before then, we demand immediate apologies for such an unpatriotic statement.
Nigeria will be great my fellow Comrades!
Aluta Continue!
“Governments never learn. Only people learn”
-Milton Friedman, American Economist


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