Norah Deshi:Good day sir can we know you please.

Spyed kid: Okay… Am Bello Elijah Known as SPYED KID, A Jos based artist (rapper) Currently signed by High grade entertainment

Norah Deshi: Nice meeting you Spyed kid When did you start your music career?

Spyed kid: Music was in mind since when i was kid but i officially started music 2015

Norah Deshi: OK Spyed kid will you say you have achieved what you are looking for in music

Spyed kid: Half way

Norah Deshi: Really that good to hear but what do you want to achieved

Spyed kid: Like being famous, I just want to be exposed to the world, entertain my people n make my people proud

Norah Deshi: Wow nice but can you tell me about your record label how has the journey gone so far

Spyed kid: Well, High grade entertainment have being so nice to me even b4 i was signed in terms of pushing my music stuffs, ..

Norah Deshi: That good heard you about dropping a new single.

Spyed kid: Yeah “GHETTO YOUTH” Which the dropping date will be announced very very soon

Norah Deshi: So what should we be expecting

Spyed kid: LikePutting all the ghetto life into and expressing our feelings and the happenings in to music

Norah Deshi: Well said spyed kid. But I really want to know which locality you are from

Spyed kid: I was born Rise And grew up in bukuru (jos south)

Norah Deshi: Ok nice what your advice to others out there

Spyed kid: Work hard, pray and surely the hustle will pay one day

Norah Deshi: Thank you spyed kid i remain my humble self Deshi Norah kiritmwa nice talking to you and I pray God help you achieve What you want.

Spyed kid: Ameen

Spyed kid: Thanks

Norah Deshi: You are welcome

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