Letter to the JOS DJ’s Association!! I go by the name DJ_NOREOUS 18Wallstreet, i find this very disappointing and annoying from DJAN Jos Chapter. What am about saying goes to my fellow DJ’s and the entire Exco’s.

I see no reason we have an association here in Jos which are not helping the association grow to another level just like it is said when u keep quite u notice alot. Jos DJ’s Association is very disorganized and it full of greed? I see no reason we paid for our I.D cards for more than 6month but nothing has been said about it? All the exco’s cared is money for contribution over things we don’t participate in it. If your not a fellow friend to the recognized DJ’s then your nothing to the association.
I see no reason DJAN Jos chapter will be hosting a National conference which consist of 37States but it fellow DJ’s dont have their I.D cards ready and how will the be respected by other Disc jockey’s from other states??
A National Conference is coming up and most Jos DJ’s are registered but are asked to pay for gate fee on the day’s of the conference while most DJ’s are registered and the conference is taking place in our own state??
Our Exco’s and the president itself were wisely enough to process thier I.D cards just for the conference while other fellow Disc Jockeys are being forgotten and dump??
After we were told without our full document such as License, I.D cards and any other it will be illegal for us Jos DJ’s to work because COSON is at work, while the president and it exco’s are out thier favoring them self’s. We need an explanation toward a this greed, lack of cooperation and lot more. A lot of DJ’s have a lot to say but don’t have the courage and freedom of speech to lay out their complains. Am just making common sense for better tomorrow. #OneBeatOneVoice #MyPrideMyWork