Crowd control: a popular street show here in Jos, organize by WSOUNDS STUDIO under the supervision of one of Jtown’s popular producer CRAZIEBLESS “the hit maker”

The Street show CROWD CONTROL started in the year 2015 organize by WSOUNDS headed by CRAZIEBLESS assisted by other strong and capable friends and members of WSOUNDS STUDIO, the first CROWD CONTROL was a huge success featuring Music, Dance, Comedy, Poet and many others with various rich talented act across the state, although the second CROWD CONTROL was way better than the first, mistakes learnt from the former were corrected, the turn up was amazing the love was massive, the event went viral and well known in the city of Jos.

Due to the great success of CROWD CONTROL a lot of Entertainment entities began to cue up for collaborations which immense ideas were joint together; the result was marvelous and unimaginable. CROWD CONTROL began to trend from Streets to Streets, not to mention but a few like BUKURU, ZARMAGANDA, NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY (JOS STUDY CENTER), PLATEAU STATE POLYTECHNIC (GODIYA TOURIST LOGDE AND RESORT), RAFIELD (SILK SUIT, SPOONS SENSATION), DIMPLES LOUNGE, WSOUNDS STUDIO (INHOUSE), and many other location.

CRAZIEBLES fuse different idea to the CROWD CONTROL which make it stand out and very unique, CROWD CONTROL “The Crowd Control”, “CROWD CONTROL Ladies Mic”, “CROWD CONTROL Jos Gidi”, “CROWD CONTROL Ladies Things”, “CROWD CONTROL With Tha OG’s”, “CROWD CONTROL with Dj Crowzy”, “CROWD CONTROL with Dj Ti_Minister”, “Inhouse CROWD CONTROL”….
Here comes a very unique CROWD CONTROL this time around for the Hip Hop heads, the OGs who never let the dreams fade away, they are still trending like a fresh soup, “CROWD CONTROL WITH THA OGs”
Don’t’ get left behind, come experience real entertainment
DATE: 3rd December, 2017
VENUE: Wsounds Studio
TIME: 1pm


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