Norah: can we meet you please?

Blackah: my name is Ponfa Simon Binfa AkA Blackah, I am from Jos, I grew up in Jos, Hwolshe thats were I was giving birth too. I Am from Langtang North.

Norah: How did you start your music career?

Blackah: I sign up to Naija Ninjas as a dancer, then proceed to maltina dance second edition, I represented Abuja then, spent most of my life in Abuja before coming to Jos, but my family are based in Jos. I came to Lagos as a normal dancer just living my life and modeling then a friend of my introduced me to Baba Dee, sound sultans elder Brother A.A PRO. At the time he returned from Sweden we started working until the day I was officially signed to Naija Ninjas. It was me, Sean Tizzle, Karma and Yung Greyc.

Norah: wow! thats really good to know, so how many songs have you dropped so far.

Blackah: the first single I dropped was “Chicks and Drinks” featuring “Ice Prince”, “Mana Style” featuring Yung L & Iyanya, “Lova Boy” featuring Ice Prince and Dbanjs younger brother Kay switch. The reason I did two songs with ice prince is because he is family and he support anything good.

Norah: thats really awesome, I heard you are about dropping a new Ep, what should we be expecting?

Blackah: the E.P I have couple of artists on the Ep. Seyi Shay, Terry Apala, Efe, Sound Sultan, 2baba and I am talking to Niniola, because we have a song we are working on which is not complete, a song with Beinne man which is not complete too. I have a project with Jay-zs artist. I want to see how we can put it on the project entirely so I am trying to negotiate with them thats why the Ep is been delayed. The Ep “The Blackah yard” I want to drop this project because all my life is just four songs I have dropped, so all this blackah! Blackah!! you have been hearing is just four song he has.

Norah: so do you intend to carry out projects with Top Naija and international artists?

Blackah: I am actually working.. but I just wanna concentrate on just me right now, let people know my sound more. As a matter of fact I have done some songs with some international artists that we are working on the video right now. I have a song with Jay-zs artist his name is Yung Paris “wining It” you can check it out and I did a song with Beinne man, we are working on that one too, you know those projects are the one they actually featured me, you know is different for someone to feature you and for you to feature him. In my songs there are project that I have done with big artist like Ice prince, seyi shay, Iyanya, Sultan and I am working on a stuff with 2baba and a couple of them but right now I want to concentrate on myself so that they will get to know my sound.

Norah: OK Blackah since you are now a role model to Jos entertainment industry what can you say about Jos entertainment industry?

Blackah: Jos entertainment industry right now we need more people to invest, you know I can tell you that we have some creative artists. I have some artists in Jos that when I listen to them, I feel like okay. We just need more investors I think thats what we actually need right now.

Norah: Nice having this talk with you Ponfa Simon Binfa Aka Blackah, whats your advice to upcoming artists in Jos?

Blackah: there is nobody that has not been an Upcoming, if you are not upcoming you are outgoing. Always pray believe in God and do your stuff, thats the only way of life, just work on your stuff and believe in God, pray harder, be humble, you know and also make sure your conscious is clean.

Norah: once more, thank you for having this talk, I pray you reach greater heights and also indulge to help in the growth of Jos entertainment industry.

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